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Dental Insurance

Good dental hygiene is important to your health and appearance. Regularly scheduled dental cleanings and exams by your dentist serve several purposes. Cleanings remove stains from your teeth to keep your smiles shiny and white. Removal of plaque prevents your gum lines from receding and heads off gum disease and the development of cavities. Early detection of cavities allow fillings which prevent further decay of your teeth. Occasionally people break teeth or have them knocked out in an accident. Sometimes a tooth can be saved by a cap. Missing teeth can be replaced by dental implants or a bridge between to teeth to act in place of the missing tooth.

Many people don’t realize that advanced gum disease will not only cause a major loss of teeth but that infected gums can contribute to increased inflammation in your body and contribute to a heart attack.

Dental insurance helps you cover the cost of maintaining your teeth and reduces what you pay for caps, bridges and more expensive dental treatment from a periodontist.

Vision Insurance

Being able to see is an essential ability in functioning in day-to-day life. The pleasure that sight brings us in viewing the people, objects and places of our life is easy to forget. Taking care of your vision is essential. Periodic eye exams identify need for glasses or contact lenses or change of prescription. The exams also allow early detection of glaucoma, cataracts and macular degeneration. They can even detect the onset of diabetes and any damage to vision.Vision insurance covers the cost of eye exams and may cover much of the cost of eye surgeries. Depending on the policy a reduction in the cost of glasses and contacts may be included.

Let us help you choose the right plan and see if it can be bundled with your general health insurance.

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